What is a business model? A business model definition is well described on Wikipedia by Alexander Osterwalder.

What is Business Models Inc.? Business Models Inc. is an organization that stimulates business model thinking in order to improve business models resulting in maximizing revenue and profit.

What does Business Model Inc. do? Business Models Inc. offers strategic business model workshops for companies, training, speeches, consulting services and develops knowledge sharing by means of a knowledge platform and production of a book on business modeling (to be released in September 2009). 

What does Business Models Inc. offer? We help you in describe (or visualise), assess, improve and innovate your business model connected to your vision and strategy. We try to find an answer to questions like: What are other companies doing? What do we learn from other business models? Who is our client? What is our value proposition? What are partnering opportunities? What does that mean to my cost structure? What are missing revenue streams? Do we use our Internet in an optimal way? What do we give away for free? 

How does a one-day workshop or training look like? To give you an idea of a general workshop on business modeling, see here.

How does Business Models Inc. work? Our approach to business modeling is a unique combination of finance expertise and graphical facilitation. We work together with your people in an intensive workshop program. We use a white room with the wall as our desk. And we will guide you through our templates with our color pencils (see picture)

How can I improve my business model?  You can improve your business model in four simple steps. Step 1: You must have a clear and shared view on your current business model. Step 2: You need to understand the strenghts and weaknessess of your business model. Step 3: Let yourself be inspired by business models from other industries. Step 4: Innovate your business model!

What methodology  do you use? We use the model of Alexander Osterwalder and our proven methodology developed by our consultants. Our graphical facilitation is based on the methodology of  The Grove (San Francisco) by David Sibbet. Our visualization is performed by JAM visual thinking, Amsterdam. 

How do you document business models? We visualize business models (see Apple example) (see Nespresso example)  and describe them in business plans supported by financial calculations. 

Can I learn business modeling? Yes, we perform training courses on a regular basis. Please contact us if you would like to have more information. 

How can I start to know more about business modeling? You can attend a training, buy our book (to be released in June), become a member of our platform or read my blog.


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