Business Models of the Future lectures at Nyenrode University this fall with Prahalad and Osterwalder

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Many companies had a proper working business model with a revenue model included. Actually, more and more companies understand that there models become obsolete due to changes in their environment. Credit crisis, the changing behavior of the consumer, the role of Internet and (unlimited) access to knowledge and information has resulted in traditional models becoming meaningless and that we have to find new models. 

But how do we cope with the changing environment? McKinsey found that the lifecycle of companies is becoming shorter from 90 years in 1935 to 15 years in 2005. The credit crisis will have a big impact on this. Every organization should evaluate their business model in a continuous basis. 

And how do we come up with new business models? Can we find new revenue models? How do we find a model that suits our company? First, we can learn from other companies. But by means of copying a model does not mean it will work for you. 

This fall we look into this subject together with C.K. Prahalad, Professor of Strategy University of Michigan, and Alex Osterwalder, PhD Business Modeling at University of Lausanne. Their books “The new age of innovation” and “Business Model Generation” (this book is to be launched in August this year) will serve as a basis for our college serie at Nyenrode University (Breukelen, The Netherlands). Look here for more details (Dutch).

The colleges combine strategic, practical, organizational change, design, Internet and theory information on Business Models. Business Models Inc., Patrick van der Pijl, and Jille Sol will run a workshop on Business Modeling on the 20th of October as part of this program. Vincent Everts, Paul Louis Iske and Dirk-Jan Abbringh are running colleges as well. We believe this is a major step in Business Model Thinking where Focus Conferences and especially Kristel Veerman has put a step forward in putting this program and people together. Hope to see you this fall.


Book Design Session London

I am blogging here not only about business models but also about my journey to produce the business model book in cooperation with Alex Osterwalder (business model guru). I think it is an interesting and exciting process worth sharing with you as we try to achieve something that is never done before!

We do not just write, produce and sell a book. We apply a different business model for the book. But what is so different about our business model? First, we write the book in an open source environment. On the Business Model Hub we write together with more than 200 interested people in business models from 28 different countries. Second, we hired our own designers from Toronto, The Movement. Third, we do not work together with a publisher. We publish the book ourselves and have it printed on demand. Fourth, we sell the book before it is finally written. Through different distribution channels (more info to come). Planning book release June this year.

Alan and Alex

Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of January we sat together in London with designer Alan Smith (The Movement) and author Alex Osterwalder to discuss the design of the book. Here Alan guided us through the process of designing the book from research to completion. Really interesting to see how design can support the thinking and essence of the book. The process we discussed is going to be very special. Not only Alex is involved in the review. Also the Hub plays an important role. This means the Hub is involved in the design process. Really cool! Next steps… the name of the book and the design of the cover.

Our Hub is a great success!


The Hub

The Hub is a big success! We wanted to create a platform where people all over the world can exchange knowledge on business modeling. This as a pre-release of our book “Crafting Innovative Business Models”.

We launched the site in Mid November 2008 with little promotion and on January 12th we had 200 members – who all paid access of USD 24 – from more than 25 countries (a.o. Chile, Brazil, New Zealand, India, Mexico, Denmark, UK, Bolivia, USA). More than 200 different discussions are held on business modeling. Amazing to see the energy and passion…

The new book chunk is to be delivered in January as well as the proposals for design for our book by our design team The Movement (Toronto).  If you want to join, then subscribe to the Hub.

Subscribe to our book!

In May 2009 we will bring a new management book to the market with Yves Pigneur and Alexander Osterwalder. The book will be a beautiful manual for entrepreneurs and executives about business model innovation. But… We apply a different business model for that 😉

If you are interested in the topic you now have the exclusive possibility to get early access to the book content and a community of business model innovators. It is a unique opportunity to participate in the makings of a management book that has the potential to become a global bestseller. Working title: “Crafting Innovative Business Models” (ideas welcome). We will float and discuss the book content as it emerges Access will only cost you $US 24.-

By joining you will have the following privileges:
  • first & exclusive access to raw book content as we write it
  • FREE digital version of the full book when it is published
  • opportunity to influence authors and join content discussions
  • personal mention of your participation (names of participants’ in print version in order of sign-up… so you better hurry 😉
  • about 8 installments of book chunks (in a non-linear order as they emerge)
  • 50% discount off the final book
  • access to templates and exclusive PowerPoint slideshows
  • being part of the business model innovation community

Buy access now! 

On Monday January 19. 2009 at 17:00 (CET, Zurich/Geneva) we will hold a free webinar to explain how the book chunk project works.

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