Visualize your business model! Why?

Visual thinking is indispensable to working with business models*. By visual thinking we mean using visual tools such as pictures, sketches, diagrams, post-it notes to construct and discuss meaning. Because business models are complex concepts composed of various building blocks and their interrelationships, it is difficult to truly understand a model without sketching it out.

SELLABAND adjustments 01

We help you sketching out your business model in any style you would like to have. See here the example of Sellaband. Why is it so important to visualize your model? Sketching a model transforms it into a persistent object and a conceptual anchor to which discussions can always return. This is critical, because it shifts discourse from the abstract towards the concrete and greatly improves the quality of the debate. Typically, if you aim to improve an existing business model, visually depicting it will unearth logical gaps and facilitate their discussion. Similarly, if you are designing a completely new business model, drawing it will allow you to easily discuss different options by adding, removing or moving pictures around.

The benefits of visualization

Drawings can be more powerful than Post-it notes because people react more strongly to images than words. Pictures deliver messages instantly. Simple drawings can express ideas that otherwise require many words. Let’s examine four processes improved by visual thinking:

  1. Understand the essence. The Business Model Canvas serves as a visual grammar. By sketching out all the elements of the Canvas you immediately give viewers the bigger picture. Understanding a business model requires not only knowing the compositional elements, but also grasping the interdependencies between elements.
  2. Enhance dialogue. You improve the dialogue by visualizing your model as a collective reference point. The business model canvas then serves as a shared language resulting in joint understanding.
  3. Explore ideas. The canvas is like an artist’s canvas. It triggers ideas. And… provides the opportunity to play with the model and start the discussion.
  4. Improve communication. When it comes to communicating a business model, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. A BM visual is the best way to create a company wide understanding. In fact, a way to sell the model internally and externally.

We do visualization for you! in 7 steps

Visualization of the business model is a very important step in our methodology. We see our clients ask us more and more to make that work. Also online. We help you visualize your business model in 7 steps:

  1. Send us your Business Model (BM) in post-its, or written text
  2. We will challenge you on your BM composition through ‘live’ discussion (skype)
  3. We sketch your BM building blocks and their relationships in the style you like!
  4. BM is sent to you for discussion
  5. Edits are done if any on sketches and relationships
  6. Coloring is done if any and re-sent for approval
  7. On color approval and full payment final files will be sent.

If you need help on your business model to be visualized in any style, please contact us by skype, phone or email.

* source: Business Model Generation