New advertising business model on ski slope in Austria

04042009268This weekend I had a business modeling sessions with Niels and Ulbe Spaans and Erik Clignett. They just started their a film & communication company Fisheye. The new business model what they will introduce in May is amazing. It is a complete new model in the communication industry. More news on my blog soon…

Our session took place in Konigsleiten, a beautiful small village in the Austrian mountains close to Gerlos. We spend some time on the slope as part of our program. Wonderful. There we saw a great tool on the terrace while we had a drink (see picture). A camera, a touchscreen.. in the corner of the terrace. And a line up of people. What is it about? You could make a picture for free and send it to your friends over email. Really cool! Ain’t that a nice system for your company/bar to advertise for free? See the results – in the second picture – the email that you will receive. It is a picture accompanied with a URL of the ski resort



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  1. Hi,
    I really enjoyed visiting your site and reading the interesting articles and comments that are posted here. Nice job, keep up the good work.
    VJ 🙂

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