Peeing business models (Venice, Italy)

v_wc_parrochia_san_silvestro1I can’t believe what came across when I was speaking to an Italian guy at the airport. Venice is launching an online service enabling visitors to prepay for access to public toilets. Tourists who plan ahead – can you imagine! – can get a cheaper day or week-long passes to public toilets from February by visiting the city’s municipal website. The online day rate for two visits is 1 EURO in low season and 2 EURO in the high season. If you can find a toilet in Venice cause I found on the web that its not easy. It costs 7 EURO online for 10 toilet visits during a five-day period in the tourist high season and 5 EURO in the low season saving 2 EURO on each ticket. The pass is an attempt by the city , which hosts about 20 million visitors a year, to curb tourists from urinating in the streets. What do you think? A successful model? Let’s keep an eye on this peeing model.



  1. Here in Bangalore, where I’m currently giving a workshop, streets often seem to become one big toilet… Wonder if there’s a business model in that…

  2. I have been more than twenty times in Venice since 2000 and i have never seen anyone peeing publicly.

    Anyway the plan is good but it would be better if more public and free WC were available. That way we wouldn’t had to use the coffee shops WCs and buy coffees ….

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