Book Design Session London

I am blogging here not only about business models but also about my journey to produce the business model book in cooperation with Alex Osterwalder (business model guru). I think it is an interesting and exciting process worth sharing with you as we try to achieve something that is never done before!

We do not just write, produce and sell a book. We apply a different business model for the book. But what is so different about our business model? First, we write the book in an open source environment. On the Business Model Hub we write together with more than 200 interested people in business models from 28 different countries. Second, we hired our own designers from Toronto, The Movement. Third, we do not work together with a publisher. We publish the book ourselves and have it printed on demand. Fourth, we sell the book before it is finally written. Through different distribution channels (more info to come). Planning book release June this year.

Alan and Alex

Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of January we sat together in London with designer Alan Smith (The Movement) and author Alex Osterwalder to discuss the design of the book. Here Alan guided us through the process of designing the book from research to completion. Really interesting to see how design can support the thinking and essence of the book. The process we discussed is going to be very special. Not only Alex is involved in the review. Also the Hub plays an important role. This means the Hub is involved in the design process. Really cool! Next steps… the name of the book and the design of the cover.


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