Peeing business models (Venice, Italy)

v_wc_parrochia_san_silvestro1I can’t believe what came across when I was speaking to an Italian guy at the airport. Venice is launching an online service enabling visitors to prepay for access to public toilets. Tourists who plan ahead – can you imagine! – can get a cheaper day or week-long passes to public toilets from February by visiting the city’s municipal website. The online day rate for two visits is 1 EURO in low season and 2 EURO in the high season. If you can find a toilet in Venice cause I found on the web that its not easy. It costs 7 EURO online for 10 toilet visits during a five-day period in the tourist high season and 5 EURO in the low season saving 2 EURO on each ticket. The pass is an attempt by the city , which hosts about 20 million visitors a year, to curb tourists from urinating in the streets. What do you think? A successful model? Let’s keep an eye on this peeing model.


Book Design Session London

I am blogging here not only about business models but also about my journey to produce the business model book in cooperation with Alex Osterwalder (business model guru). I think it is an interesting and exciting process worth sharing with you as we try to achieve something that is never done before!

We do not just write, produce and sell a book. We apply a different business model for the book. But what is so different about our business model? First, we write the book in an open source environment. On the Business Model Hub we write together with more than 200 interested people in business models from 28 different countries. Second, we hired our own designers from Toronto, The Movement. Third, we do not work together with a publisher. We publish the book ourselves and have it printed on demand. Fourth, we sell the book before it is finally written. Through different distribution channels (more info to come). Planning book release June this year.

Alan and Alex

Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of January we sat together in London with designer Alan Smith (The Movement) and author Alex Osterwalder to discuss the design of the book. Here Alan guided us through the process of designing the book from research to completion. Really interesting to see how design can support the thinking and essence of the book. The process we discussed is going to be very special. Not only Alex is involved in the review. Also the Hub plays an important role. This means the Hub is involved in the design process. Really cool! Next steps… the name of the book and the design of the cover.

Our Hub is a great success!


The Hub

The Hub is a big success! We wanted to create a platform where people all over the world can exchange knowledge on business modeling. This as a pre-release of our book “Crafting Innovative Business Models”.

We launched the site in Mid November 2008 with little promotion and on January 12th we had 200 members – who all paid access of USD 24 – from more than 25 countries (a.o. Chile, Brazil, New Zealand, India, Mexico, Denmark, UK, Bolivia, USA). More than 200 different discussions are held on business modeling. Amazing to see the energy and passion…

The new book chunk is to be delivered in January as well as the proposals for design for our book by our design team The Movement (Toronto).  If you want to join, then subscribe to the Hub.

We are on stage @ Vizthink San Jose!


How to draw the Canvas?

How to draw the Canvas?

Last year I visited the Vizthink conference in Berlin (12-14 October). Here I met inspiring people such as Dave Gray (who I met in the bar with his cool t-shirt: “I am blogging this”) and David Sibbet who trained me on graphical facilitation (see picture).

My purpose was to find a way applying visual thinking with business modeling.

The result was a training/try-out where I combined Business Model thinking and drawing. We performed our training during the Vizthink gathering in The Netherlands. JAM and Business Models Inc. were the facilitators. The evaluation was great. People really liked it!

So…. Ryan and Tom (organization Vizthink) asked us to come over to San Jose in February to organize a training during Vizthink ’09! So cool. We keep you posted… And if you want to come… subscribe at the webpage…

Intentions in 2009 on business modeling


New Year!

Happy New Year!

First of all I would like to wish you all the best for 2009!

As we still need to recover from the financial downturn as a result of the credit crisis I have some Intentions for you on Business Modeling in 2009:


  1. Find yourself at least 2 new business partners (partner network) for the coming year that support you in delivering your value proposition;
  2. Come up with and implement 1 more efficient way to entertain client relationships! (customer relationship);
  3. Try to encounter a new client segment whom you offer your value proposition;
  4. Invent and try out 2 new revenue models for your existing business!;
  5. Work out 1 way to efficiently use the Internet as a strong distribution channel

I strongly believe if you can stick to your Intentions this year, it will be a promising 2009! 

Cheers from Asia!!!