Visualize your business model!


At the JAM office in Amsterdam we recently performed a pilot training on Business Modeling and Visualization. As we claim that you need to visualize your business model, we would like to try this out through a pilot at the Vizthink NL gathering in The Netherlands.

But how to do that? Are people able to draw? Do they think it is fun? 

The training was set-up as follows:

  • 45 min. of business modeling 
  • 45 min. of Dare2Draw 
  • 45 min. case on business modeling and drawing. 

Fun was that Jan and Mike (JAM) taught the audience to draw. They started with ‘just’ drawing, then to the basics of drawing (people, figures, lines, symbols) and also movement, emotions and composition. I was very surprised that I could learn so much from these guys. In my

img_0090consulting career I never had this kind of training. Then we gave the pencils to the audience and asked them to come up with a new inspiring business model. Amazing to see the energy flow and the results of their business models. The evaluation was very positive.

People claimed that they were inspired in a different way by starting to draw right away. More to come next year in our Business Model and Drawing training!


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  1. Hi Patrick,

    and my congratulations on this new company/blog! Brilliant initiative also in the light of the Linkein Group you’ve set up.

    I’m not aware whether Alex has pointed you to a ‘Business Model Visualisation’ course I’m currently giving as part of my professorship on Design Management here in Münster, Germany?! However in contrast to your audience I’m doing this course with designers in order to sensitize them for thinking beyond simply making things look better. Accordingly one of the goals of my class is make them understand that understanding ‘content’ is giving ‘form’ its direction.

    I will do the course again next summer term and we might consider you being the ‘Business Model Guru’ on the next iteration of the (closed) Ning I’ve set up for me and my students?! What do you think?

    Beste Groeten naar Nederland,

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