The start…

the business model agency

I always wanted to run my own model agency. And now I do. On business models. It is called Business Models Inc. This agency draws, describes and improves business models through offering support, organizing speeches, training courses and workshops worldwide. I work closely together with the experts on business modeling Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. 

Our focus is to create an online and offline platform for business modelers. The Business Model Hub. Here we want to connect business modelers all over the world. Here people can learn all about business modeling, share experiences and develop new connections. We will provide training courses online, tools for business modeling and you can watch videos of leading business people.  

Curious about our business model? We are too! We do know what we are aiming for but we don’t know what we will find on our way. And that’s very exciting! We will assess models, check out nice models, models that pay off, models that do not pay off.

Want to be part of our journey? Follow my blog. Here I will keep you up to date. I will inform you on the business people we talk to, how explore our own business model, and whom we work with to make it work. So are you ready? I am. Continuing the journey…



  1. Interesting stuff Patrick! Hierarchies, crisis, network, accountability, virtual organisation, risk management, revenue modelling –> new times, new solutions. Good luck.

  2. Good luck, Patrick! The weblog looks great. I will follow the journey closely! Cheers, Ralf

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